DMC House – Colombo Street

This multi-storey building was extensively damaged in the February 2011 Earthquake. The rear of the building suffered extensive damage and partial collapse. Internally, the remainder of the building was severely damaged, and required full repairs and internal refit. To enable it to be occupied again, the engineers designed a robust plan for strengthening to bring it up to the New Building Code.

Soon after the earthquake, RPC was able to quickly establish on-site and stabilise the remainder of the building. Initially this entailed temporary measures to make the building safe to work on, as well as clearing the debris.

We then carried out major repairs and structural strengthening works. We are proud to say that we were able to deliver this building back to its owners for rental while other neighbouring properties were still in the early stages of repair. This minimised the rental downtime for the landlord, who was able to re-establish tenants in the building sooner than expected.

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